RelStorage 1.0 Beta

I am pleased to announce the beta release of RelStorage 1.0! RelStorage is a storage implementation for ZODB that stores pickles in a relational database.

Features in this release:

  • Full support for PostgreSQL 8.1+, Oracle 10g, and MySQL 5.0+.
  • Supports whole-database migration to and from FileStorage, including all history.
  • A number of optimizations have been implemented, making RelStorage performance comparable to that of FileStorage.
  • There is now a poll-interval option, which reduces the frequency of database polls and helps the database scale better for read-intensive loads.
  • There is now a pack-gc option, which makes it possible to retain at least one revision of every object during packing.

Please help test right away so that we can make a solid 1.0 release.

Get it here:

For more information, see the wiki:

2 thoughts on “RelStorage 1.0 Beta”

  1. Shane,

    Whatever happened to the Bit Mountain project? What did the church end up using? I’m doing research as part of my masters of information systems degree at BYU and am really curious!


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