The Irony of Google AdSense

I set up AdSense on my blog to learn about serving ads and maybe earn some pennies. According to the terms of service, I am not allowed to click any of the ads. That rule certainly makes sense from Google’s business perspective, yet I find that of all the ads on the whole web, the ads Google puts on my pages are the most relevant to me. They are among the few that I want to click, but I can’t! Gah.

Must… Write… Something…

Life is really great–so great that I would generally prefer to spend more time living it rather than writing about it.  Still, I’ve got to write, or I’ll forget things and I’ll miss opportunities to communicate.

Yet there’s so much to write.  Where should I start?  Anywhere will do.  Ok.  Time to blog again, and not necessarily about what is most important or what happened most recently.  I’ll write about what I want to write about.