My Rep(St)rap

Items of note that you can see in this picture of my Rep(St)rap:

  • I used the BitsFromBytes laser cut plastic with alloy screws and other hardware I bought from and
  • I decided to mount all of the electronics on a thin 8×10 acrylic plate ($1.58 at Lowe’s) to make power distribution easy and to retain an appearance similar to the rest of the machine.
  • Everything is there but the heater.  I’m still waiting for the nichrome wire to arrive.  I can be patient, so I used free super saver shipping. 🙂
  • I used aluminum gears in place of the plastic ones because the aluminum gears have the same pitch (distance between teeth) as the belts.  Until I did this, the belts slipped a lot, but now it’s actually kind of hard to make them slip.
  • The Z belt tensioner uses an M8 rod instead of an M8 screw.  It extends to the bottom of the cage, giving the tensioner extra stability.