Deliverance Seems Cool

I have begun using the Deliverance package.  I think it cleverly solves the web software theming problem.  Its method of theming is deliciously simple and straightforward, yet I imagine most software developers will shun it at first because its method is inefficient.  Actually, that makes me happy, because Deliverance is going to save me and my family business a lot of development time, giving us an advantage in the market compared with those who continue to theme sites by fighting with CMS frameworks.

On the other hand, there is no 1.0 release of Deliverance yet, so it’s not ready for everyone.  It’s undergoing major changes right now.  I like Ian‘s new direction a lot, but when I tried the trunk, it made a royal mess of my CSS with embedded URLs.  I intend to try again in a few days before reporting a bug.