An Abominable, Crazy Idea

What if I were to take a Plone install, delete all of the Zope 2 code (leaving mainly Zope 3 stuff), then mangle the code (including CMF) until Plone works again?

I know I’m foolish for saying this, but my intuition tells me I could actually do it, especially if I got a lot of help from others.  I think it would take 1 to 3 months of full time effort.  I would redesign all sorts of stuff in the process.  The resulting code would not be compatible with any existing site; the necessary migration scripts would take many more months, I think.  But the code would be enough to create new sites from scratch and put them on the web.  The intent would be to make Plone more maintainable.

It would be really crazy… but fun, I think.


I never noticed before that if I open a Konqueror window, point it at an SFTP location, navigate to an image, and right click to open that image using GIMP, that GIMP retrieves from the SFTP URL directly.  When I save that image, GIMP saves it directly to the server.  Sweet!  That means I can edit images on a server without copying them by hand.  I was already doing this with text files, using Kate, but now I can do this with images, too!  This is with GIMP 2.4; I haven’t yet tried 2.6.

Of course, the file dialog used by GIMP is the sickly GTK one, so this functionality of GIMP can only be accessed by opening files from Konqueror or the command line.  The KDE file dialog is really nice and I wish the GTK guys would realize what they’re missing.