Doug Wright on Throwing Away Your Vote

I listened to the Doug Wright Show this morning.  He was adamant that all voters should vote for a “viable” candidate rather than the candidate they believe to be best fit for office.  He claimed it is more important than ever to vote strategically in the upcoming election.

No matter how I vote (and how all of Doug’s listeners vote), this state will vote for McCain, and only divine intervention would stop that.  This state is extremely (and I believe excessively) loyal to the republican party.  So why shouldn’t I vote for the person I believe should win?  No matter how I vote, I can’t change my state’s electoral vote.  All I can do with my vote for president is try to reduce my state’s excessive loyalty to the republican party.

Unabashed Dorky Enthusiasm about Willowrise

It turns out I am supposed to unleash my inner dork.  In other words, I should write about my passion.

I am passionate about building a family business.  That’s what Willowrise is.  We have plenty of skills and talent, but we’re still working out how to present our skills to the world.  We’re certainly not a retail shop, yet that’s what our current home page makes us out to be.  We’ll probably always have an online retail shop, but that should not be our main focus.

As a business, we want to build on each other’s talents and create expressive things.  Much of our business so far has been independent of each other, even though we are a tightly knit family and we work together well.  We are looking for projects that exercise our combined talents.  Some ideas:

  • Instructional design (could be a perfect fit)
  • Outdoor games (not video games–we want to encourage people to play outside!)
  • Hmm, we need more ideas!

We have created and sold many great pieces of art, the excellent Dayspring CD, some cool web sites, some software, and even some hand-made flutes, but these have mostly been individual efforts.  Working together is what we really want to do.