RelStorage 1.0 Beta

I am pleased to announce the beta release of RelStorage 1.0! RelStorage is a storage implementation for ZODB that stores pickles in a relational database.

Features in this release:

  • Full support for PostgreSQL 8.1+, Oracle 10g, and MySQL 5.0+.
  • Supports whole-database migration to and from FileStorage, including all history.
  • A number of optimizations have been implemented, making RelStorage performance comparable to that of FileStorage.
  • There is now a poll-interval option, which reduces the frequency of database polls and helps the database scale better for read-intensive loads.
  • There is now a pack-gc option, which makes it possible to retain at least one revision of every object during packing.

Please help test right away so that we can make a solid 1.0 release.

Get it here:

For more information, see the wiki: