RepRap Hardware and Electronics BoM

I just posted the detailed bill of materials for the hardware and electronics in my Rep(St)rap.  Most of the lines have a comment.  The comments and URLs would have made this whole process a lot easier for me, so I hope the spreadsheet helps someone else!

This is the first time I’ve used Google Docs and I must say it’s quite easy to use.  I imported from OpenOffice.  The conversion of formulas failed, but it was fairly easy to sort that out cell-by-cell.

I’m sure some people just want to know what the bottom line was.  Well, I paid $555 for the laser cut kit (including shipping), $782 for the hardware and electronics, about $100 for shipping of the hardware and electronics, $100 for 10 pounds of ABS and HDPE spools (including shipping), and $20 for miscellaneous supplies at Ace Hardware.  So $1557, and that’s not including the money I spent on new tools (a drill press, 2 vices, a new hack saw, a lot of drill bits, an M6 tap, an M8 die, etc.) and materials I did not use, broke, or forgot to list in the BoM.

Wow, that’s expensive.  Buying the complete kit from BitsFromBytes probably would have reduced the price.  Still, I prefer this machine and the experience I’ve gained over a big flat panel TV. 🙂

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