Breaking Down Barriers (so I can send you cash)

So here’s the situation: I have some cash I want to give away to people just for signing up at WingCash, but there are still some issues preventing me from doing that:

  • WingCash currently supports very limited jurisdictions for individuals.  Specifically, South Carolina, New Mexico, and Montana.  The support for only those states is based on advice from our lawyers.  We can’t even offer cash to our own family and neighbors yet!  The process of adding jurisdictions is complicated from a legal standpoint.  We’re working on it, but we have to be patient.
  • The sign-up process is easy, but we were asking for people’s birth dates.  Some people might consider that a privacy issue, yet we have no intention of using people’s birth dates in any way except to ensure they are at least 18 years old.  (We do intend to support minors, but in a different way.)

We worked out a simple solution to the second issue: just use a check box instead of asking for a birth date.  The lawyers agreed that it was a good idea, so we have changed the sign-up page.  No birth date is required anymore.

Owners of a business in the United States can participate in WingCash now by signing up and then adding their business.  There is a link to add your business on the WingCash home page.  So, I extend my temporary offer to any legitimate business that signs up at WingCash: I will give you cash!  Once you have cash, you can tweet that cash to other people, redeem it through your bank account, etc.

Of course, people won’t really have the full experience until they can send and receive cash as individuals.  We’ll get there!