NewEgg, You Amaze Me

Last week, an important desktop computer used by my family died. The connection between the power supply and motherboard fried somehow. I’ve never seen a connection fail like this before: all of the connections attached to red wires had burned the surrounding plastic within the connector. It was difficult to detach the connector, and even when I cleaned up the motherboard and used a new power supply, the motherboard refused to power on. Nothing else was damaged.

I suspect the motherboard was drawing too much current and the connector failed over time. Newer motherboards have separate 12V connectors which could solve the problem.

Anyway, I immediately found a better motherboard (PCCHIPS A15G (V1.0) AM2+ MCP61P) and a faster, lower power CPU (AMD|A64 X2 5200 2.7G AM2 65N R) on NewEgg for a total of $108 including shipping. The computer will be better than ever. NewEgg sure knows how to keep me as a customer.