My name is Shane Hathaway.  I write software for work and for fun.  I use this blog to speak with my extended circle of friends.

Frankly, I’d rather speak with everyone in person.  It’s way more enjoyable.  However, we can’t all be in the same room at the same time, and most of us have work to do anyway, so email and blogs will have to suffice. 🙂

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  1. Dear Shane,

    About a week ago I attended my first PLUG meeting; when Ryan heard that I’m interested in CNC machining, he suggested that I should contact you…and, while it seems weird to do so on your About page, I can’t find any other contact information.

    I am currently looking for work in the Utah Valley area. Right now, I’m telecommuting for EV Source as a Web programmer, using PHP, JavaScript, and MySQL, but most recently I decided that it would be nice to use a language I would enjoy programming in: Python, or perhaps Haskell (a language that I recently began to learn). I would even be willing to learn Lisp or Erlang! But I’m not sure where to find these interesting jobs.

    I’ve also developed an interest in CNC machines. Some day, I even hope to be able to write a CAM program for Linux (the mathematician in me figures that it’s really just linear approximation of sorts!), but that seems to be in the future.

    In any case, I’ve seen information on RepRap, as well as a cousin (I can’t remember its name), and I’m excited about the possibility of putting together something like that in the future! or at least, to have my own CNC machine shop. For this interest alone, I figured I should contact you!


  2. Greetings,

    I didn’t see anywhere to leave a note re. “how to get a fast reply”, and haven’t been able to track down your E-Mail Addie.

    Anyhow, for complicated reasons, I need get Relstorage to work as storage for a ZSS (Zope Storage Server), for ZEO (Zope Enterprise Option). We have resources available to do the work, and I’m hopeful that the recently updated ZODB (with Relstorage compatibility) will ease the process.

    My question is simply, “Are you aware of any obvious reasons why this would turn out to be overly difficult and time consuming?”

    As I said, we have coders ready to go on this, but if you say it is unlikely to bear fruit anytime soon, we’ll look at other options (though I haven’t been able to think of any yet…).

    BTW, yes I know of built in or optional DB replication, and I understand that Relstorage is described as an alternative to ZEO. However, our specific situation requires: a single DB instance, as physical storage, plus multiple client nodes with local object cache. Ergo, Relstorage for ZSS.

    Thanks for all the cool code!
    Jerry S.

  3. Hi Shane,

    Came across your Github/Website and wanted to introduce myself 🙂

    I’m the engineering recruiter here at Square and I’ve been paying attention to quite a few of the really active members in the Open source communities, specifically Github. Looks like you’ve had some pretty rad projects and I’d love to hear more about what you have on your plate right now.

    Let me know a good time to chat and I’ll look forward to making the connection.



  4. Hello Shane,

    I found your info on GitHub but not an address. Hope this is okay as a means of reaching you.

    For the SublimeKDE add-on, is it compatible with Sublime ver. 3 and, if so, how is it installed? Can’t get a hang of the file structure in version 3.


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